Welcome to Magnitude Loudspeakers 

Magnitude Loudspeakers is a young company with an old background to introduce our first and long time prepared specialized loudspeaker designs.

We have solid industry experience for making Home Theater systems and professional studio monitors which are all  captured into our new branded Magnitude Loudspeakers.  




The MLS-600 series are especially designed for Home Theater entertainment to provide great dynamics with superb sound stage for immersive surround systems. The 600 series performs smooth linear response and the models are fully timbre matched for easy system calibration and setup.           

Magnitude Loudspeakers is a young Danish loudspeaker brand bringing along years of work with professional sound engineers and Home Theater installers to design and refine loudspeakers up to reference class status. 

With our new made Magnitude models we are pleased to say - we have completed our best work ever.     

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