About Magnitude

Magnitude Loudspeakers has substantial experience within the loudspeaker industry.

Representing more than 3 decades of working with loudspeaker designs we hold a proven history of conducting technical support for sound engineers all over the world.

Magnitude Loudspeakers are established with inspiration from sound engineers and Home Theater installers to create better-performing loudspeakers to complement their professional work and provide customers with the best sound possible.


The direction to make high-performing loudspeakers aimed at demanding professional use and premium home theater sound came upon a profound "sound engineer" introduction of mixing multichannel sound for movies and music, which led us to initiate test work as a response.  

With our long experience and access to advanced home theater equipment, we have worked with engaged sound engineers to evaluate our ideas and adjust test speakers to gradually frame the sound profile we were looking for.          


Magnitude Loudspeaker's first models are now completed to deliver sound with extended dynamics and highly focussed images to be enjoyed fully in home theaters and sound studios.     


Please feel free to contact us for product information and to learn more about what we do.