Contact Magnitude Loudspeakers


Phone. Gert Christensen +45 31 14 08 11.





CSN-Teknik are exclusively

representing Magnitude Loudspeakers for sales and sound demonstration in Denmark. 

Sound demo of the Magnitude Loudspeakers can be arranged at CSN-Teknik in their top professional Home Theater. 

The CSN installation features MLS-625 as LCR and 4 pcs MLS-611 for surround channels. The bass comes from 2 pcs powerful Magnitude custom made sub systems each operating with combined 12 inch & 8 inch long stroke sub drivers. 

The setup use Trinnov processing & amplification with high class cables and accessories to deliver superior clarity and dynamic control

Contact CSN-Teknik phone +45 60 88 80 30   Mail:   More info