Magnitude Loudspeakers sound designs are grounded in studio reference monitors as demands for serious sound work both are challenging and refined to complement.  

In our design criteria, we focus on optimizing the loudspeaker's ability to reproduce spatial and dimensional sound within a linearized on-axis output response. 

All loudspeaker interaction with given room environments means a great deal for the listening and in the Magnitude LCR models we focus on using multiple drive units to actively improve sound performance at the listening position.

From the perspective that professional sound work and home theater sound have common demands to deliver highly focused sound at prime seatings, the use of stacking drivers to minimize the loudspeaker's vertical and horizontal sound distribution is effective for enhancing the focus of the loudspeaker's direct radiated sound.       

Magnitude Loudspeakers is all about the details in sound and bringing the listener as close to the action as we possibly can.                           

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