Founder History

Founder Gert Christensen represents more than 3 decades within the loudspeaker industry.

Starting to build DIY loudspeakers back in the seventies became in 1987 a full-time job at the legendary loudspeaker driver manufacturer Peerless in Denmark.

It led to a solid grounded transducer career and also included work for Danish Sound Technology / Vifa / Scan Speak and Asia-based company Tymphany. 

The presence at those companies during nearly 25 years of conducting transducer designs gave me a profound understanding of loudspeaker design work.    

Additional 10 years of conducting sound design work to rebuild the former American brand Miller & Kreisel on location in Denmark followed and resulted in multiple award-winning sound designs through the period.            


Besides my professional loudspeaker career of nearly 35 years, I have additional experiences as a musician with album recordings and performances within the music industry to further support my loudspeaker designs. 

Magnitude Loudspeakers are not made to prove mathematical theories and technical landmarks, they are simply made for those who want to get an engaged sound experience.


For further information or questions please contact me by E-mail on the contact site.